How to Attain Financial Freedom after Failure

At one time or another, you will experience failure in an area of life or the other. Financial freedom is one area where most people experience failure. The causes of failure are diverse, but that notwithstanding, you do not have stay there. No matter how many times you have failed, you can experience financial freedom again.

In this article, we share four things to consider for a turnaround in your finances.

  • Start from Where You Are

Before taking any action to remedy your financial situation, take a pause. This is to evaluate your situation, its ramifications both in the long and short term. This allows you to come up with a winning strategy. The strategy deals with the root of your problem as opposed to dealing with its symptoms. A well thought out approach increases your chances of success.

  • Do not Be too Harsh on Yourself

It is enough to recognize the reason for your financial mess. Being too harsh on yourself can cause your thinking to become blurred on the action required. Mistakes, when taken positively, become learning points and financial mistakes are not an exception. You need sobriety to take the action required and wallowing in guilt does not help the least in this. Mourn your mistake a week or so, but after that dust yourself and get to action.

  • Ask for Help

Chances are, when you fail financially, you will know what your mistakes are. You are also likely to know what remedial action to take. There are however times when you will be so overwhelmed that you cannot think straight. In such instances, do not fear to ask for assistance. This can be professional help or friends that can provide accountability.

  • Commit to Identified Remedial Action

A strategy or plan that is not acted upon is as good as no plan at all. You need to be committed to the cause of action you come up with. Most of the remedial action for a financial turnaround revolves around discipline on spending and budgeting. These two can be stretching and hence the need for commitment. Focusing on the envisioned outcome, “financial freedom” can ensure that these disciplines are maintained.


Financial freedom is everyone’s desire, but even the wealthiest sometimes fail. When such failure happens, don’t stay there. You can get the freedom again by ensuring that you start from where you are at. You should also not be too harsh on yourself, and do not go it alone. Finally, commit to your identified remedial action.